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PharmaService is a full range wholesaler that distributes all veterinary medicines with a marketing license in Denmark. PharmaService also supplies non-DK-registered medicines and veterinary free trade products (OTC).

PharmaService manages Denmark’s largest stock of veterinary medicines to ensure the greatest possible supply chain security for our customers (pharmacies, vets, pet shops, etc.) and their customers (farmers and pet owners).


PharmaService collaborates with the nationwide chain of VetPharm pharmacies, whose target market comprises Danish farmers and veterinarians. The close co-operation between wholesaler and pharmacy fulfils the wishes of farmers and vets for good prices, supply chain security and flexibility. The VetPharm pharmacies are also independent and locally available.

VetPharm EDB & Marketing

In collaboration with VetPharm EDB & Marketing, PharmaService has developed IT solutions that are in line with Danish medicine dispensing regulations and enable flexible and efficient distribution of veterinary medicines.

The focal point of the IT solutions is an invoicing program that includes the efficient handling of partial packages, lot numbers, expiry dates and prices. The system is developed on a continuous basis – in response to both authority requirements and user feedback.

Import / Export

Not all veterinary medicines are registered in all EU countries. Over the course of many years, PharmaService has specialised in helping the pharmaceutical industry and veterinarians to locate and distribute medicines that are not available in their own country, but are registered and marketed in another EU country.

PharmaService has permission to import medicines from other EU/EEA countries for use in Denmark. These medicines are sold on the basis of a licence to dispense from the Danish Medicines Agency.

PharmaService is also authorised to export pharmaceuticals to countries in or outside the EU/EEA. We assist companies, veterinarians and their clients in the international procurement and distribution of medicines that they are unable to access at the national level.

VETMALL.DK was established in 2017 with the intention of offering veterinary clinics and pet shops in Denmark a wide selection of veterinary free trade products. The aim of our competent team is for customers to associate with easy ordering, fast delivery, good prices and an unrivalled level of service.

On you will experience:

  • Fast delivery
  • Low freight limit
  • Wide range of products with few back orders
  • Attractive prices


PharmaService has a § 39 license (GDP license), which according to Danish law gives it the right to engage in the wholesale trade of pharmaceuticals. PharmaService undergoes regular inspections by the Danish authorities. Storage and distribution is in accordance with GDP regulations.

Service-minded & knowledge-based

Denmark’s largest stock of veterinary medicines

PharmaService manages Denmark's largest stock of veterinary medicines to ensure the greatest possible supply chain security for our customers (pharmacies, veterinaries, pet shops, etc.) and their customers (farmers and pet owners).

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